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Freelance graphic and web designer based in Calgary

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Hi, I'm Luca. I build brands, websites, and more for clients who need a little help telling their story. I combine personality and energy to help clients around the world grow their value.

Previous clients include
UBER ATG LogoCalgary Catholic School District LogoShaw Logo
I create stories that sell

I work with clients to simplify complex ideas into engaging stories to reach their goals faster while exciting their audience.
Energetic visuals do more than just look pretty, they make your story more valuable.

Services and Skills

My skills continue to evolve over time to deliver measurable results. Have something special in mind? Let's talk.

Logo and Branding
Graphic Design
Web Design
Motion Graphics

Luca supported the district with promotional materials to assist in a technology launch for our business units. His creativity, attention to detail and his ability to convert our vision into a reality was truly exceptional. Luca was responsive, attentive and timely, and he delivered on a very short timeline a strong promotional toolkit. We are extremely pleased with the final results and look forward to partnering with Luca again in the future.

Andrea Urquhart
Calgary Catholic School District

As a healthcare researcher, Luca was the perfect fit for designing a website that speaks to researchers, healthcare providers and the general public alike. He has a unique mix of creativity and scientific knowledge, combined with a strategic mind and innovative approaches in web design and marketing skills - knowledge that often is embodied in a team of professionals rather than a single individual. Finally, he has an uncanny knack for distilling a customer’s abstract vision and subject matter into tangible reality in a way that is both accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Shane Sinclair
Compassion research lab

Luca is a skilled artist and talented design partner who delivers high quality content quickly. He has a large range, contributing everything from high-level planning, animations and video edits, to graphical design and copy writing. Hire him if you can.

Duncan Haldane

I've worked with Luca on a variety of slide decks and logo designs for the past two years. It's been a blast! Luca is super responsive, creative, the work is of great quality, and he gets my sense of humor and resulting requirements. He's also a super nice guy :)

Inmar Givoni
Uber atg

Luca did an outstanding job! He was supportive, knowledgeable, creative, and professional from start to finish. He was prompt with email responses, and any feedback was incorporated. Luca took the time to understand what I wanted and transformed it into something modern and professional! Excellent quality of work and easy to work with.

Aidan Dumaisnil
University of calgary

Featured Work

Uber Advanced Technology Group

Custom slide decks with a series of illustrations to show how artificial intelligence will continue to expand what is possible in the future. Designed to be approachable for crowds with different academic backgrounds, energetic and friendly visuals were used to engage the audience. Presented at SXSW, AI World, and more.

Teal self-driving race car driftingYellow self-driving race car drifting around corner with smoke trail
Machine learning super beaver in red cape
Robot dressed as marty mcfly in back to the future
Calgary Catholic School District

Promotional materials developed to excite employees about the launch of a new self-service portal designed to save them time. Colourful graphics focus on how educators, service staff, and administration support the moments that matter in schools.

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Scientist carrying stack of papers, janitor sweeping floor, administrator walking forward, all behind two young school children running to class
Radix Labs

Human-centered illustrated brand system and website capture and convey how Radix Labs is ushering in a new era of no-code lab automation for the life sciences. Teamwork focused graphics tells
their story and emphasizes how groups of scientists can collaborate more easily to produce better science, faster.

visit the websiteSee More

Logo design and dynamic website created to capture and keep the interest of inbound prospects. Wireframe graphics represent machine learning augmented circuit boards designed by the JITX team.

JITX logovisit the websiteSee More
Compassion measure

Responsive website focused on helping academic and health enterprise specialists learn how the Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire can be used to improve clinical cultures in healthcare settings. Welcoming animations and illustrations convey the spirit behind the tool while keeping prospects engaged.

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Painting of Mewria Von Trapp from the Sound of Music by Luca Yang Li

A collection of personal and commissioned artworks. From portraits to more stylized approaches, movement and emotion form the pillars of my creative process.

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