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CCSD | ASK Portal


Dedicated to learning and living in the Catholic faith, the Calgary Catholic School Board invested in a ServiceNow portal to help their employees save time to focus on the moments that matter.

To prepare for the launch, engaging marketing materials were created to engage district employees and generate excitement about the upcoming upgrades. The pre-launch campaign was designed to create multiple access points that catered to employees with different learning preferences to maximize outreach. This was accomplished by creating an engaging motion graphic video with an accompanying website and print materials to be revealed during a district wide event. The core theme emphasised how the new portal will aid educators, support staff, and administration in educating future generations.

The launch was a smashing success - 30% of employees logged in to the portal within 4 hours. This was previously a 2-3 month goal. A second print run of trading cards was required to keep up with the demand. Employees were engaged in trading and collecting all three and well aware of the upcoming augments to their work life.