Graphic of Engineer using Agnostiq to untangle his workflow by Calgary freelance graphics designer Luca Li
Quantum computing workflow animation by Calgary freelance graphics designer Luca Li
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Covalent by Agnostiq


Developing software for the quantum era.

Using a combination of quantum computing and classic high performance computing clusters, the team at Agnostiq have developed a powerful workflow orchestration platform to rapidly prototype complex experiments. Covalent takes advantage of hybrid computing and modular workflows to dynamically schedule tasks and reduce execution costs.

I was tasked to support the Covalent launch with a motion graphic explainer, animated diagrams, web assets, and offline marketing material. The project focused on establishing clear and concise visual metaphors to communicate a cloud-based hybrid computing workflow to other researchers, engineers, and specialists. I used a blend of frame-by-frame animation, and 2D and 3D elements to enhance the viewer experience. Drawing inspiration from retrofuturistic themes, the design language blended different approaches to minimalism while remaining faithful to existing brand guidelines.

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