cartoon pediatric care team attending to patient by calgary graphic designer luca li
illustration of therapist working with patient in bed as paper cutouts by calgary graphic designer luca li
cartoon doctor working with patient in wheelchair by calgary graphic designer luca li
cartoon hand reaching out to homeless woman on ground by calgary graphic designer luca li
illustrated conceptions of how compassion is perceived by calgary graphic designer luca li
cartoon patient and nurse using SCQ to look at health graph by calgary graphic designer luca li
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Introduction to the SCQ

Explainer Series

The Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ) developed by the Compassion Research Lab is a robust tool designed to help healthcare professionals and researchers to improve the culture of compassion in their workplace and bolster patient outcomes. The tool itself comes in different shapes and sizes to blend into various clinical settings. I created a series of explainer videos as an access point for healthcare providers and researchers to better understand which version of the SCQ to use, it's strengths and weaknesses, and how it can improve outcomes.

This was accomplished through a number of patient and healthcare provider vignettes to highlight the diverse settings in which the SCQ can be applied. An emphasis was placed on conveying patient feelings and showing more physical reactions compared to past videos. Special attention was paid to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion was present throughout the series and used to highlight different perceptions of compassion.

The post-launch reception was very positive. A steady flow of research collaborations, speaking opporunities, and more have kickstarted adoption of the SCQ within the community.

Watch the SCQ videos and more at the Compassion Theater.