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A.I. in Canada

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AI World is an innovation conference that brings together global leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With a diverse pool of attendees, an exclusive event with technology giants, startups, governments, AI companies and more are gathered under one roof to learn and develop with one another.

“These are three prominent Canadian machine learning researchers…let’s see if we can turn them into beavers.”

I cannot begin to express just how much fun working on this project was. The challenge of trying to capture many different emotions through our fuzzy little friends was engrossing throughout the project. Beaver anatomy is challenging, as they have large uniformly coloured bodies with minimal limbs, making articulation and expression a particularly challenging task.

Paired with the strong speaking skills of Dr. Inmar Givoni, the unconventional visual presentation effectively drew the audience in. Members were eager to hear what was coming next both in terms of presentation content and the accompanying visuals. You may learn more below:

AI in Canada