Compassion Measure home page hero illustration by Calgary freelance graphics designer Luca Li

Compassion measure home page web design and illustrations by Calgary freelance graphics designer Luca Li
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Compassion Measure

Branding & Web

More compassion, better care. Stronger patient outcomes. The Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ) serves to identify areas of improvement for better compassion in healthcare. Applicable to individual healthcare providers and larger organizations, the SCQ is there to help improve clinical culture for both patients and practitioners alike.

I designed the visual identity for the Compassion Measure to integrate core values of compassion into it's illustrations and iconography while prioritizing accessibility of information for prospective users. The website structure and copy were created to facilitate the onboarding process for the user and focus on capturing leads. Dr. Sinclair was an amazing source of energy during this project and I was thrilled to help bring our vision to life.

Learn more at Compassion Measure.