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Compassion Research Lab

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Advancing the art and science of compassion.

Dr. Sinclair is a nationally funded, internationally recognized, and award-winning researcher of the topic of compassion. His research is directly informed by the clinical arena where he witnessed the transforming power of compassion in the lives of patients and families facing a serious illness. Following the development of the Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire, we wanted to create an access point for the general public as well as future researchers interested in compassion. This platform provides a springboard for anyone to start learning about the different facets of compassion and it's role in our lives.

The project focused on designing a visual system that allowed us to juxtapose relationships and interactions to highlight how compassion is integrated into our everyday lives. A veritable zoo popped into existence to best capture these feelings and sense of care. This created the foundation with which to build off of and provide a captivating experience for visitors. These lovable forest friends have since become a part of the family at the Compassion Research Lab.

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